Wildlife Pest Control Removal Staten Island NY

Wildlife Pest Control Services

Richmond Pest Control’s wildlife pest control service includes skunks, possums, opossums, raccoons, squirrels, bats and birds. Each of these animals presents danger to you and your family, including spreading diseases, invading your home and destroying your property. These animals make their way into your attic, walls, garage, chimney or can terrorize you from your own front yard. Whether you need wildlife pest control inside or outside your home, our professional wildlife pest control company will come to your property, inspect the source of the problem, remove the pests and prevent this from happening again. Call 718-667-5200 immediately if you suspect a wildlife pest problem.

Wildlife Pest Removal

At Richmond Pest Control, we pride ourselves on the humane treatment of animals and will always opt to bait, trap and remove rather than destroy. There are several methods for wildlife pest removal including:

Exclusion: Use netting and fencing to prevent entry altogether. This is the most effective method, but does not work for an active pest call.

Repellent: Traps, repellents and “scaring” devices can be used and are an effective method.

Baiting: The safest, most effective and environmentally-friendly wildlife pest control method. We’ll lure the pest into a large trap using industry-standard, highly effective bait. Once inside the trap, we’ll bring the animal to its natural habitat safeguarding your family from future invasions.

Wildlife Pest Trapping

Once your property has been inspected, the problem area has been determined and the animal(s) removed, we’ll go over a plan of action to prevent future pests from entering your home and property. Richmond Pest Control can incorporate various exclusion methods, as well as patch and seal the exterior of your home so they stay away. Our preventative solutions will help eliminate any expensive damage caused by wildlife entering your home. We’ll also recommend setting up a re-inspection every few months to check previously-secured entry points and examine for new vulnerabilities.

Don’t waste any more precious time, if you believe you have a wildlife problem call us for an inspection! Our professional pest technicians will come to your property, perform a complete inspection and give you the answers needed. If wildlife pests are found inside or outside of your home, they’ll discuss an immediate plan and course of action to take. Richmond Pest Control proudly serves Staten Island, NY, Brooklyn, NY, Manhattan, NY and Central NJ. Besides wildlife pests, our extermination services also include a wide variety of other bugs, rodents, pests, bed bug treatment, eco-friendly termite pest control and more. Call 718-667-5200 for flea extermination, pigeon control, insect pest control and more.

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