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Spricket Pest Control Staten Island, NY

Sprickets, also known as camel crickets or cave crickets, are large, ugly pests with a cricket shaped body and long legs similar to spiders. What makes them especially creepy is their ability to jump extremely high, scaring most homeowners who come into contact with them. While they are typically found outdoors they will enter homes looking for prey and a quiet, dark and moist place to lay their eggs and seek protection from heavy rainfall. The most favorable areas in your home for these conditions are the crawl spaces, bathrooms and the basement. Richmond Pest Control offers swift and efficient spricket pest control for residential & commercial properties throughout Staten Island, NY and the surrounding boroughs.

Spider Cricket Pest Control & Treatment

Spotting a few sprickets inside your home seasonally is not a real cause for concern. However, if you see an obvious sign of indoor infestation call our pest extermination service immediately. Indications range from fecal matter smeared across surfaces, damage to fabric & clothing, a nest of eggs and a large cluster of full-grown spider crickets. Sprickets are nocturnal and come out only at night to hunt prey so chances are you won’t notice the problem for quite some time. While they do not bite or pose any threats to humans you do not want these pests nesting inside your crawl space or basement.

Jumping Camel Cricket Solutions

Before a spricket pest control treatment is necessary there are several preventative measures you can take to deter them from nesting in your home. First, make sure there is no moisture in your crawl spaces, basement or bathroom. Fix any leaking pipes, drainage issues and properly ventilate your crawl spaces. Keep wood, stone, bricks, tarps and garbage cans far from your home’s entrances. Lastly, clean up dust, debris and remove any sources of food. If these spricket pest control prevention methods do not work, call Richmond Pest Control for a professional inspection and treatment service. Our most effective methods include traps, pesticides and eliminating access into the home.

Richmond Pest Control has over 25 years of experience in the pest removal and extermination industry. We provide year round services for sprickets, invasive insects, ticks, termites, bed bugs and more. Our technicians are EPA and NY DEC licensed and certified and we are fully insured. Call 718-667-5200 to schedule a complimentary inspection of your residential or commercial property which will help us determine efficient solutions to get rid of any pests on your property.

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