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Spotted Lanternfly Exterminator in Staten Island, NY

The spotted lanternfly is one of the most invasive pests we have seen in recent years. Throughout Pennsylvania, New York and New Jersey it has been noted to cause devastation to plant species, vineyards, timber and other such farmlands. Due to their economic and property damage, a professional pest control and spotted lanternfly exterminator must be contacted to deploy the necessary actions for eradication. Richmond Pest Control has over 25 years of experience in extermination, pest control, exclusion and prevention for a variety of insects, rodents and wildlife animals. If you have seen spotted lanternflies or evidence of their existence on your Staten Island, NY or Central NJ property, call 718-667-5200 right away for an inspection and extermination service.

Treatment, Extermination & Management of Spotted Lanternfly

Treatment and extermination of spotted lanternflies is most vital when they’re in the vulnerable egg stage. It is easier for our pest control specialist to manage egg population then the nymph or full-grown stages of life. Richmond Pest Control specializes in treatments for these invasive, dangerous pests beginning with a full in-depth inspection of your property, followed by a program custom designed for your land & degree of the infestation. Spotted lanternfly egg extermination allows us to mitigate their damage to crops, plants, vineyards, orchards, farmlands and timber. Further, since these pests breed in such large numbers they can repopulate in just a few days. Regular treatment, reapplication and extermination by a professional pest control company is the only way to control and eliminate the spotted lanternfly population from residential or commercial properties.

Tips to Protect your Home & Business Against Spotted Lanternflies

A continuous treatment plan from our pest control company is the best way to protect your home and business against these dangerous and destructive pests. Spotted lanternfly pest control treatments are applied to your land starting in May and continue until the end of September. Besides exterminating eggs, Richmond Pest Control offers tree banding and liquid treatments for spotted lanternflies. These secondary methods do not harm your trees or land, but simply aid in their protection and prevention of these invasive pests.

Richmond Pest Control is here for all of your pest, rodent and wildlife animal pest control, extermination and treatment needs. We proudly serve Staten Island, NY and the surrounding boroughs, as well as parts of Central, New Jersey. Call 718-667-5200 to schedule an inspection with our spotted lanternfly exterminator today!

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