Richmond Pest Control Critter Guard Installation Staten Island NY

Solar Panel Critter Guard

With renewable energy in the form of solar panels becoming increasingly popular, home and business owners need a way to protect their investments from wildlife. Since your panels are exposed to the elements at all times, birds, raccoons, squirrels and small rodents often take advantage of this vulnerability. They will begin to nest, mate and raise their young underneath your costly solar panel system. Besides being a nuisance, wildlife pests can also create damage if they chew and tear wires, or rip up your roof’s shingles entirely. Richmond Pest Control offers a simple, cost-effective method to protect your system: solar panel critter guard. We install critter guards throughout Staten Island, NY and the surrounding areas.

Solar Panel Critter Guard Installation

The only effective method to prevent wildlife pests from nesting in your solar panels is to install squirrel and critter guards onto the exterior of each panel. Richmond Pest Control uses a PVC coated aluminum fencing which wraps around the exterior of the panels. We fasten the critter guard to the frames of the panels which closes the gap between the base of your roof and the sides of the solar panels. The fencing prevents critters as small as a bird or as large as a raccoon from gaining access to the underneath of your system and building a nest. Our critter guard is very similar to chicken wire, which means it is durable, safe and holds up to the most persistent pests.

Solar Panel Pest Control

While it is easy to understand the importance of pest control for the interior of your home or business, some people do not think about needing it for their solar panels. If you have exposed solar panels on your roof, we highly recommend calling us for a critter guard installation quote. Wildlife pests can cause extensive damage to your panels, as well as your roof and gutters. Common damage includes power loss, roof leaks, missing shingles and more. With the installation of a critter guard to your solar panels you won’t have to worry about costly repairs caused unnecessarily by wildlife pests.

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