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Rodent Pest Control Staten Island, NY

Rats and mice are two separate, individual species with different characteristics, traits and habits. For extermination purposes, we label them as strictly rodents. Mice are white, brown or gray in color, measure about 12-20 cm long and weigh 12 – 30 grams. Mice are notably characterized by their 2 incisors, which must be kept short by continuously gnawing. Rats are typically white, gray or brown in color, about 40cm long and weigh considerably more than a mouse. They are known to travel in packs and cause mass damage to homes and businesses through their gnawing and nest making. Both of these rodent pests are constantly in search of food and wreak havoc on their quest to find it. Call Richmond Pest Control today for rodent pest control, extermination and prevention.

Rodent Exterminators

Even though mice and rats are both considered rodents, there are different extermination methods we use depending on the type of pest in your home or business. For rat extermination, Richmond Pest Control will come to your property to bait and remove the entire nest. Mice extermination is quite easy: we will lay traps to lure them from hiding then relocate them a more conducive area. Through many years of hands-on experience, we’ve developed a reputation as the area’s most reliable and efficient rodent exterminators. Call us immediately if you see any signs of mice or rats on your property.

Mice & Rat Preventative Pest Control Services

While we can quickly and effectively exterminate rodents, there are many easy preventative tips you should follow to thwart rats or mice from entering your home in the first place. Our exterminators will go over these sanitation and exclusion tips before leaving to ensure you are fully educated. The number one tip to preventing rodents from entering your home is to limit food sources as much as possible. Outdoor garbage cans should be securely locked, while indoor food should be stored tightly and never left out at night. Secondly, mice and rats can fit into very tight spaces so limiting shelter is key. Holes, cracks, broken siding or gutters should be fixed immediately. Following these guidelines, plus the ones given after your rodent extermination service will ensure no more come back to your home or property again.

Pre Demolition Rat Extermination

Richmond Pest Control also offers pre-demolition rodent baiting and extermination services. Choose our highly qualified pest control company to provide rat demolition pre-baiting to your work and construction site. Our exterminators will place proper rodenticide in tamper-resistant bait traps and treat the entire site accordingly. After the demolition pre-bait service has been performed in accordance with the NYCDOH, we’ll file a certificate to the department for a scheduled inspection and upon their approval we’ll mail you your certificate.

To schedule your rodent pest control service or rat pre-demolition extermination, call 718-667-5200.  For questions about our company or treatment methods, read our pest control FAQ. Richmond Pest Control also offers termite pest control, bed bug extermination, critter guard installation and much more. We serve Staten Island, NY, Brooklyn, NY, Manhattan, NY and Central NJ for your convenience.

Rat & Mice Control FAQ

What are the signs of rodents in my home?

Identifying a rodent infestation is easy. Look for droppings, rub marks along baseboards and walls, potent smell of ammonia, chew marks in wood & wires, scratching noises within the walls and sightings of mice in your home or business.

Can I get sick from coming into contact with rats & mice?

Mice carry up to 35 dangerous diseases like salmonella and hantavirus, which spread through their urine and droppings. Rodents can also spread diseases by bringing fleas, ticks and mites into your home.

What is the treatment process?

The first step is to reduce the existing infestation before any preventative measures can be put into place. We’ll evaluate the property to determine the degree of infestation and best course of action. Our technicians will come back several times to inspect for rodent activity, replace traps as needed and provide an update.

Once the current rodent problem has been eradicated, we’ll perform an exclusion inspection to prevent future infestations and protect your family.

Is treatment safe for my children and pets?

The best way to ensure the safety of your family is to hire our licensed pest control technicians for rodent control. We know the best way to handle rodent poison, traps and other such products.

How much does rodent control cost?

The total cost of rodent extermination and prevention depends on the severity of the infestation, size of the property and whether it is a residential or commercial property. At Richmond Pest Control we are upfront and fair regarding pricing; no work is performed until you approve the estimated price quote.

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