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If you’re a resident or business owner in Staten Island or any of the surrounding New York urban boroughs you know pigeons are the most common pest bird by far. While they are harmless, they are a nuisance, costing thousands of dollars in damage from their droppings and debris alone. Pigeons are usually found in a property’s loft, attic, perching the roof & windows or in the ornate features of urban buildings. If you need professional residential or commercial pigeon control, call Richmond Pest Control today. We’ll come out for a full inspection, assess the damage and common nesting spots then come out with a full pigeon control and prevention plan.

Pigeon Control & Prevention

Richmond Pest Control offers a variety of ways to control, eliminate and prevent flocks of pigeons from calling your property home. Since pigeons have a homing instinct, which makes them feel attached to their roosting sites, it is not as simple as removing their nest and the flock goes away. Our pest control experts will deploy a number of methods to deter and repel pigeons away from your home or business.

Inspection: We will come to your property to inspect the areas the pigeons are nesting. First, all sources of food and water must be removed. Then we’ll draft up the best course of action to get rid of your existing pigeon problem and prevent one in the future. Proposal and pricing must be approved by client before we begin any work.

Pigeon Control & Prevention, cont.

Modification: To prevent pigeons from roosting on your property, we need to make nesting and landing areas inaccessible. One of the most common methods is to install bird spikes to your roof, ledges and windowsills. Bird spikes are cost effective and not harmful to the birds or the environment.

Traps: In addition to property modification, it may be necessary to set up mechanical traps to catch any few pigeons left lingering on your property. We’ll safely trap the birds and relocate them to a more conducive living environment.

Monitoring/Maintenance: Richmond Pest Control will frequently visit your property to evaluate the effectiveness of your pigeon control plan. As we continue to monitor the situation our pest control technicians will make modifications and recommendations until your pigeon problem is fully under control.

Residential & Commercial Pigeon Deterrent Options

The above pigeon deterrent methods are just a few of our most common options, but there are also audio deterrents, taste deterrents, even reproductive control. Our highly trained and experienced pigeon control technicians will figure out and implement the best solution for your home or business. With frequent monitoring of our strategies, we’ll continue to document the effectiveness and make recommendations.

Besides pigeon control, Richmond Pest Control offers a wide variety of pest control services throughout Staten Island, NY and the surrounding areas including bed bug treatment, termite pest control, wildlife pest removal and more. We’ll provide superior solutions for every pest problem using environmentally safe products and methods. For questions, concerns or to schedule an inspection, call 718-667-5200 today!


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