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If you live for summer nights spent lounging in your backyard but are suffering from the constant biting and irritation of bugs it might be time to consider mosquito control. Mosquitos in your yard are not only a nuisance but can only be dangerous to your family and pets. Known to spread diseases such as Zika Virus, Chikungunya Virus, West Nile Virus and more, these mosquito-borne viruses are easily preventable with a professional mosquito pest control service. Richmond Pest Control offers custom backyard mosquito & invasive bug treatment plans for residential and commercial properties throughout Staten Island NY, Brooklyn NY and the surrounding boroughs.

Mosquito Pest Control Service

The first step to a mosquito treatment plan is a thorough inspection of the property during which our professional exterminators are looking to identify the source(s) of the infestation. Once we can locate current and future breeding sites, we can make several recommendations for prevention and mosquito extermination. Richmond Pest Control offers environmentally friendly chemical treatments that can be safely used on vegetation and water that can eliminate current adult mosquitos and prevent eggs from hatching during mating season. Besides insecticide products, we also recommend trimming or removing bushes altogether which will help to reduce any hiding spots around the perimeter of your property.

Outdoor Mosquito & Insect Exterminator

In the early stages of the spring/summer seasons mosquitos are on a mission to mate as much as possible! Adult female mosquitos can lay close to 3,000 eggs within a few weeks and once they hatch these nasty pests are a huge nuisance and can ruin your outdoor fun. Some DIY methods you can take to control mosquitos in your backyard include removing any stagnant water from dog bowls, bird baths and other such breeding grounds. However, the most effective strategy to minimizing and removing mosquitos is a professional pest control plan from Richmond Pest Control. Depending on the severity of the infestation we can recommend monthly, bi-weekly or a custom mosquito pest control plan that fits your lifestyle and budget.

Besides mosquitos, our exterminators are equipped to humanely handle a wide variety of pest issues. For both residential and commercial properties, Richmond Pest Control is available for bed bugs, fleas, ticks, rodents and wildlife, pigeon control, termites, sprickets and much more. To discuss your pest problem and to schedule an in-person consultation, call our Staten Island NY office at 718-667-5200 today!

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