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Flea Exterminator Staten Island NY

Fleas are tiny, wingless pests covered with miniscule spines and mouths that can fiercely pierce the skin of humans and pets. They survive by drawing blood from their host (your pet), which gives them the nutrients needed to survive and reproduce. Though they may be tiny little bugs, they are relentless and ferocious in their quest to carry on future generations. In a single day, 1 flea can bite your cat or dog over 400 times. In that same time frame, a female flea will lay hundreds of eggs in your pet’s fur, which hatch and spread like wildfire. If you notice your pet is extremely itchy or you notice any flea activity at all, call the professional flea exterminator company – Richmond Pest Control.

Flea Extermination Services

Since fleas reproduce very rapidly the first things you’ll want to do while awaiting your appointment time is control and prepare your home for our flea extermination services. You’ll need to remove the pet from your home and take it to a professional groomer to remove and treat the fleas with their own products. Secondly, our flea extermination services will not work as effectively if your home is not properly prepared. Homeowners should remove and replace the pet’s toys, clothes and bedding, as well as clean all flooring. You should arrange for yourself and your pets to be out of the house for several hours while our flea exterminator treats the infested areas.

Professional Flea Exterminator

Richmond Pest Control utilizes the most up-to-date eco-friendly extermination chemicals and procedures to terminate fleas, while keeping you and your pet’s safety in mind at all times. Our flea extermination chemicals are in no way harmful to you, your family or your home, yet they aggressively kill live fleas and treat future infestations. If you’ve taken all proper preparation methods, after our all-natural treatment methods you’ll have complete peace of that you won’t have to worry about flea infestations again. Our professional flea exterminator will also outline preventative methods to further avoid flea problems.

If you suspect your home has a flea problem, call the professional pest exterminators at Richmond Pest Control today. We are a family-owned and operated business with over 25 years of industry experience. All of our work is guaranteed and we are fully insured. Read our pest control FAQ page for more information about our business & treatment. Call 718-667-5200 for a pest control services consultation. Besides flea extermination, we also specialize in bed bug treatment, termite pest control, wildlife animal removal and much more. 

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