Richmond Pest Control Bird Spikes Installation in Staten Island NY

Bird Spikes Installation in Staten Island NY

If pest birds, gulls or pigeons have become a nuisance to your home or business, call Richmond Pest Control to install safe and cost-effective bird spikes. Spikes can be installed onto your roof, ledges, fence, windowsill or balcony to deter and prevent birds from perching and causing damage to your property. We install high-quality spike barriers made of plastic or metal that are non-hazardous for humans, wildlife and the environment. Richmond Pest Control offers bird spikes in a variety of sizes, depending on the bird concern, and colors to match and blend in with your property. For bird spike barrier installation throughout Staten Island, NY call 718-667-5200.

Bird Spikes Deterrent Installation

Protect your commercial or residential property with our bird spike deterrent installation services. Whether you’re experiencing excessive noise, concerned with employee safety or simply want to minimize these annoying pest birds, our spikes will discourage birds and pigeons from perching on the outside of your home or business. The spikes we install are built in rows and tilted at an angle. Our unique design discourages birds from resting on window ledges or rooftops when they fly up, because it could cause injury to their delicate wings or feet. Within a few days of your bird spikes being installed, you’ll notice the number of birds occupying your home or business decrease significantly.

Anti-Roosting Bird Spikes

In Staten Island and the surrounding boroughs, pigeons and other birds perching on the ledges of tall buildings are quite common, especially where trees are limited. Richmond Pest Control is committed to protecting the environment and offering a safe solution to deter pest birds away from your home, business or apartment building. Our commercial and residential bird spike installation services are simply meant to discourage birds from settling onto your property. The spikes do not cause any harm to the wildlife, environment or property damage. Once the birds realize your home or building is no longer a viable roosting spot, the flock will simply move on to another location better suited for their needs.

Besides bird spike installation, Richmond Pest Control offers a wide variety of safe & eco-friendly pest control services throughout Staten Island, NY and the surrounding boroughs. Our professionally trained pest control technicians are EPA and NY DEC licensed and certified; we are fully insured. For more information on our bird deterrent spike installation or any of our other pest control services for wildlife, termites, rodents, bed bugs, termite pest control, and more call 718-667-5200.

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