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If you see one ant crawling across your kitchen counters there are likely more lurking beneath the cracks waiting for the signal that food is within reach. Ants are highly social creatures and only travel in colonies; killing one or a few ants will not solve your infestation. Effective ant control involves a thorough inspection to find and treat the colony. Richmond Pest Control provides residential and commercial clients in Staten Island, NY safe, high-effective methods to treat and prevent future ant infestations. If you see any signs of ants inside or outdoors, do not hesitate! Call 718-667-5200 to schedule an ant control inspection.

Residential & Commercial Ant Control Exterminator

Both homes and businesses are susceptible to an ant infestation. These savvy pests will hunt relentlessly to find a source of food and leave a pheromone trail on their way to ensure the rest of the colony can follow. Once the queen and her colony have set up home in your property, she can lay up to 800 eggs per day, leading to a severe infestation quickly. Our exterminators have over 25 years of experience, giving our pest control company the knowledge needed to understand ant behavior and a plethora of experience dealing with all types of ant species. Richmond Pest Control will take this understanding and knowledge to deliver a successful extermination treatment & prevention plan.

Eco-Friendly Ant Prevention & Treatment

As part of our commitment to excellence and the health & safety of our clients & their families, Richmond Pest Control employs a number of safe, eco-friendly extermination methods. Natural pest control can range from sprays to barrier misting, baiting & trapping, steam vapor and much more. While these methods are extremely effective, they will change and vary depending on the extent of your ant pest infestation. Since ant control isn’t a one-time treatment, we will employ a variety of methods to first find the colony, eliminate the pests and prevent further infestations to your home, office building or warehouse.

Ant Control FAQ for Homeowners & Businesses

How did I get ants in my home or business?

As with most pest species, the most common reason why ants enter your property is to search for food and seek shelter. If they decide your home is a good, consistent source for food, ants will build their nest within the wooden structures.

Is there a certain time of year when ants invade?

Ants are most prevalent in the spring and summer when they are out actively seeking food and water sources.  It is crucial you get rid of these nuisance pests before the cold weather hits, otherwise they’ll spend the winter nesting in your home!

Why are ants hard to get rid of?

Ants work together to support the colony, which means you’ll never just spot a single ant in your home or business. Once they find a reliable source of food, water & shelter, they release pheromones that signal the rest of the ants to follow. Even if you eliminate the source of food, the scent may still be strong enough to continue attracting more ants!

Can ants damage my home or cause health issues?

Regarding spreading disease, ants are considered a nuisance pest and do not pose any threat to humans or animals. Carpenter ants feed on damp and rotten wood and can cause structural damage if not detected and exterminated quickly.

What’s the best way to get rid of ants?

A highly effective DIY method is ant baits, which work by attracting ants who eat the bait and bring the poison back to the nest. This ensures you eliminate the entire colony. Click here for helpful DIY ant pest control methods.

If you’ve been dealing with an ant infestation for a while and nothing seems to be working, call Richmond Pest Control for a consultation and expert ant extermination service.

The highly experienced exterminators at Richmond Pest Control help to eliminate and prevent a wide variety of pests including rodents, wildlife pests, fleas, ticks, bed bugs, roaches, sprickets and much more. To discuss your pest concern or to schedule an inspection of your residential or commercial property, call our Staten Island NY office at 718-667-5200 today. We proudly serve Staten Island NY and the surrounding boroughs of Brooklyn, Manhattan and parts of Central, NJ.

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